Early creation of non-German Dispatch Area


Recently found out about this sim and currently giving it a try through the Test Version. Though slightly hindered by some lack in my German language proficiency, I enjoy Sim Dispatcher, the features it offers and all the potential it carries. I am very much looking forward to the introduction of the new European Countries that are currently being worked on.

I was curious if it would be possible (or rather a waste of time instead) to start with the early creation of a Dispatch Area/Centre in one of the upcoming countries (looking at The Netherlands at current)? I noticed I can start creating POI’s, units, stations, etc already. The foremost thing I won’t be able to create yet is the ‘Einsatzgebiet’, but as it looks that wouldn’t stop me from laying the foundation. I am just curious, as far as anything can be said about that as of yet, if it’s worth it, or whether there might be some sort of ‘reset’ or redesign of the ‘administration’ section for non-German Dispatch Areas/Centres that would undo a lot of the work I would put into it now?

Thank you very much for your time and response. Looking forward to see what the future brings for Sim Dispatcher!

Non-German control centers are stored in the same database and notations will only be translated. So it would not be a waste of time to fill in data right now.

  • RTW = Ambulance
  • KTW = Small ambulance (just for patient transport)
  • NEF = Ground doctor (only)
  • NAW = Ambulance with doctor
  • RTH = Rescue helicopter

That is great to hear!
Thank you very much for your response and explanation.