English translation

Hello, i want to buy the game but on the trial everything except the client is in german. The problem is that i’m french so i can understand english but not german. I haven’t see some infos about the way to be in english/french and if it’s impossible, when will it be possible ?

And if you need help for the translation or adaptation to france (i’m a professionnal firefighter) i can help the team for free (how the system work here, the vehicles etc…)

Hi farenheit!

The application has an English base layer, but not all aspects have been translated. So you will find some parts are always in German (including all emergency calls).
To activate the English Base layer, when opening the application, look in the top right next to the “Abmelden” button. To the left you should see a ‘language icon’ the the ENG designation next to it. When you press that and restart the application you will get the English Base layer. Hope that’ll work for you.

Keep in mind though that most of the actual gameplay, primarily all emergency calls, are only available in German and not in any other language.
The game has a lot of potential, but at this time is difficult when it comes to accessibility when you don’t understand (sufficient) German.

Hey there! I was checking back in, and I noticed that there really haven’t been any substantial new updates on the process of English translation. I looked through all of the change logs, but there has been no mention. I was wondering whether or not any progress has been made? Thanks so much, and I hope to see your update!


Hallo! Als ich noch einmal nachgeschaut habe, ist mir aufgefallen, dass es eigentlich keine nennenswerten neuen Updates zum Prozess der englischen Übersetzung gegeben hat. Ich habe alle Änderungsprotokolle durchgesehen, aber es wurde nichts erwähnt. Ich habe mich gefragt, ob Fortschritte erzielt wurden? Vielen Dank und ich hoffe, Ihr Update zu sehen!