SIM Dispatcher 4 - Technical Preview for Developers Coming Soon

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of SIM Dispatcher 4!

Highlights of the Upcoming Version

Universal Platform Support

For the first time, SIM Dispatcher is fully platform-independent. Thanks to the implementation of a browser-based simulation environment, users can now work on MacOS, Windows, and theoretically any other platform. The familiar features are seamlessly integrated into new browser tabs, while the familiar client for Windows and the new one for MacOS offer optimized window management to enhance the realistic simulation experience.

Redesigned User Interfaces for Maximum Performance

All user interfaces have been completely redesigned to make operation more intuitive and significantly improve performance. Even with hundreds of resources or incidents, the technical redesign allows for lag-free display and smooth scrolling and clicking. Performance now remains stable regardless of the number of incidents.

Simplified Administration

The administration area has been significantly improved to simplify management and data maintenance. A new feature is the mass import function for keywords. Import files no longer require a specific format, as columns and properties can be assigned after upload. Detected values are displayed before the final import to verify data accuracy.

Address Database Editor

A newly developed editor for address databases allows for adding or deleting erroneous streets and missing data. Users can create their own address databases, providing technical support for any country worldwide.

Accelerated Address Search

The address search for incident or target locations has been split into two full-text searches and is now based on the powerful ElasticSearch technology. This ensures faster and more efficient searches.

Extended Geographic Information System Features

The Geographic Information System (GIS) has been expanded. One of the most notable new features is the improved display of Points of Interest (POI). Users can now display specific POIs as needed, enhancing adaptability and usefulness in various scenarios.

Another feature is the improved display of emergency vehicles on the map. To maintain clarity even with a large number of vehicles, they are now displayed in clusters. These clusters group many vehicles at the same location and open dynamically when needed. This method prevents the map from becoming overloaded while maintaining the readability of all radio call signs. Even during extensive operations, the map remains clear and informative.

Extended REST API for Developers

The REST API now offers endpoints for POIs, keywords, emergency vehicles, digital radio groups, and status pages. Developers have access to methods such as GET, POST, and DELETE. Additionally, “Managed Sessions” allow for permanently accessible sessions with unique IDs and persistent data storage, even after a server restart. These can also trigger webhooks to forward data in real-time to, for example, FiveM or other SDKs. Conversely, position data of emergency vehicles can be transmitted or changed to integrate SIM Dispatcher into other environments.

Improvements and Enhancements

Numerous reported issues and bugs have been fixed. You can see what has been fixed directly through the filter function in the forum. New scenarios have been added, and incoming telephone dialogues are now fully generated by an AI in multiple languages, including German (also Swiss German), English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Italian.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: First Impressions of the Overhaul

Some interfaces in the screenshots are not fully and correctly localized or completed. The final version of the interface will be in German and English.

Administration: Incident Load Calculation and Display

Administration: Management of Emergency Vehicles (Overview)

Administration: Much Easier to Change Status Pages

Session: This is the New Incident View (Tasks, Documentation, and Events Not Pictured)

Next Steps and Availability of SIM Dispatcher 4

The development of SIM Dispatcher 4 is in progress, and we are approaching exciting release phases. In the coming weeks, we plan to provide a technical preview specifically for developers and interested users. This preview version will initially not include full simulation functions but will focus on the new interface and operation management. The main purpose of this technical preview is to give developers an early look at the new features and, in particular, to identify and eliminate bugs before the final release.

After this important phase of bug fixing and feedback, the next step will be to set an exact schedule for the official release. As many developments are still being made to the simulation mechanics, no details about neighboring dispatch centers, AAO, and the behavior of units within the simulation environment can be announced yet.

For current full version holders, there will be no additional costs. Version 4 will be available free of charge to all existing users.

Dear Community — we are listening to you. Really.

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