Change the Text to ENG main menu errro

Hello is there a way i change the Language to ENG when i click Eng in main menu its noting changed it still is German

Did you restart the client after changing language?

yes i did but still no eng

They seem to have some problems with the translation or hardcoded some text so it wont be changed when using another language. In your screenshots the main titles (Dispatch Centers, Sessions) did change to english, but the smaller things remained (“Du hast Patch 3.3.0”, “Suchen nach”).
These semi-translations seem to be a common theme throughout and also happen when using different languages for your pc and the application, as pointed out in my post here.

Click on the “ENG” text on the bottom right and watch for the “Change og language to “en-US”…” popup in the bottom corner, after that, restart the game and you should be set to english. If the german language popup appears, restart the game and repeat the process.