International adjustments: Progress & Roadmap

Currently, important changes and features still need to be implemented before the simulation is available in countries besides Germany. We will create more topics here soon about what help we need from you.

STEP 1: Not playable state (CURRENT)

We still have to do these things before a simulation in countries other than Germany is possible.

  • Translation of the client (IN PROGRESS)
  • Geodata / Road data for
    • Austria (DONE)
    • Switzerland (DONE)
    • Netherlands (IN PROGRESS)
    • France (IN PROGRESS)
    • United Kingdom
  • News feed in english language (DONE)

STEP 2: Semi playable state

Technically the simulation is playable but the structures of the rescue system and mechanics are like those in Germany.

  • Mechanics of the rescue system more country specific
  • Ticket system for bugs, changes and feature requests (DONE)
  • Translate guides

STEP 3: Playable state

Von General / Q&A bis Informations